Progress Notes-Chronological

As discussed here, I was diagnosed with advanced melanoma in late 2013. It has been a wild ride since, and I thought it would be good to document the many steps in my journey. I’m hoping this will be a useful record not just for myself, but my family and friends, as well as those that might be facing a similar journey themselves. This document will evolve over time, both as I go back through the last few years and find things to add, but also as my story continues to unfold.

To see my medical history organised by system, see this post here.

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The Fastest Surgeon on Earth

I had the privilege of giving a presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists in May 2018. Below is a pre-recorded version of my presentation.

The Fastest Surgeon on Earth from Dr Getafix on Vimeo.

Vintage Justice


Harvey Weinstein and crumbling case for ‘vintage leniency’

Harvey Weinstein and crumbling case for ‘vintage leniency’


Following the recent controversy regarding Harvey Weinstein’s treatment of women, the above article was one of many that popped up in my newsfeed and it includes the following quote:

“I would like to take us back to the original excuses Weinstein and his enablers, namely his now former lawyer Lisa Bloom, initially offered to manage the scandal. Why? Because they are part of a growing trend of serial sexual predators of a certain age attempting to paint themselves as “retro sexists” to whom “vintage justice” should be applied. And in doing so, they are trying to normalise the idea that there is some “new” – only recently agreed upon – standard in relation to sexual harassment and assault.”

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