Vintage Justice


Harvey Weinstein and crumbling case for ‘vintage leniency’

Harvey Weinstein and crumbling case for ‘vintage leniency’


Following the recent controversy regarding Harvey Weinstein’s treatment of women, the above article was one of many that popped up in my newsfeed and it includes the following quote:

“I would like to take us back to the original excuses Weinstein and his enablers, namely his now former lawyer Lisa Bloom, initially offered to manage the scandal. Why? Because they are part of a growing trend of serial sexual predators of a certain age attempting to paint themselves as “retro sexists” to whom “vintage justice” should be applied. And in doing so, they are trying to normalise the idea that there is some “new” – only recently agreed upon – standard in relation to sexual harassment and assault.”

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Breathing System Filters

The following is a report that I wrote for our Anaesthesia Equipment Committee at John Hunter Hospital in June 2017, after concerns were raised about differences in performance of different filter types, and the possible cross-contamination risks resulting from this.


It has long been known that breathing circuits are a potential source of cross infection between patients . Of particular concern are hepatitis C and tuberculosis .  Eliminating this risk altogether seems unlikely, but there is ongoing debate about how best to reduce the risk, while also being conscious of financial and environmental concerns . The use of breathing system filters (BSF) is one approach that has tried to address some of the concerns, and the presumption that they protect the anaesthetic circuit from contamination by the patient and vice versa has led to the widespread adoption of BSFs as a way to reduce cost and waste by facilitating the reuse of the same circuit for multiple patients . However the practice is not universal , and no BSF is 100% effective at preventing contamination . Furthermore, as with any piece of medical equipment, the risks associated with the use of BSFs need to be considered along with their benefits . Many manufacturers now produce circuits  that are approved for use for up to 1 week as long as a new BSF is used for each patient . This is the current policy at John Hunter, with the proviso that the circuit is changed immediately if it is visibly soiled, has been used for a patient with a multidrug-resistant organism, or is excessively wet. If we assume this practice will continue, then the question that needs to be answered is which filter will best protect the circuit from contamination, and that question is the main focus of this report.

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15 Minutes of Fame

I’ve previously made it into the news a handful of times as a result of my melanoma and immunotherapy treatment. It was nice to make it in this time for something other than having cancer!

‘Human factors’ science turns to tackle improving outcomes in hospitals

‘Human factors’ science turns to tackle improving outcomes in hospitals

Research is underway looking at how ergonomics impacts patients in hospital with the aim of boosting the provision of care.


Garden Variety

“I said, ‘It’s certain there is no fine thing
Since Adam’s fall but needs much labouring.”
Adam’s Curse, W.B. Yeats

In the beginning, God created mankind to be gardeners. Unfortunately we stuffed it up, and it’s now not as easy as it should be! I never had much interest in gardening growing up, and my sporadic efforts at mowing the lawn or starting a herb garden once i moved out didn’t amount to much. Instead, I kind of fell into it by accident when we bought a house in 2009 that had a small front yard, and quite a sizeable back yard. They looked pretty barren, so I felt compelled to add something to this blank canvas. I had no idea where to start, but figured if i’m going to be spending a lot of time and money on this endeavour, then it would be nice to get something to eat from it along the way! So i focussed primarily on fruit and veggies, which, given my lack of any artistic flair, also provided the excuse that if it looked ugly, I could just pass if off as function over form!

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