The Complexity of Patient Work

Following my recent “discovery” of ┬áthe concept of Patient Work, it has reframed the way I view all my interactions with the healthcare system such as doctors visits, taking medication, blood tests and scans and so on. I’ve decided I’m going to start describing and documenting some of these interactions primarily for my own interest, but also in case others find them interesting as well. What follows is an almost textbook example of some of the complexity and unpredictability of Patient Work, and the need for the Patient Work System to be resilient enough to cope with these variations and uncertainties

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Human Factors, Systems Thinking and Teenage Drivers

One of my areas of interest is Human Factors/Ergonomics, and in particular it’s application to healthcare. However, by its very nature, it is applicable wherever you find humans. This is a recent article from ABC News discussing it in the context of teenage drivers.

Let’s stop blaming young drivers for their deadly road crashes

Let’s stop blaming young drivers for their deadly road crashes

As our holiday road death toll climbs, perhaps it’s time to stop attributing fatal accidents to inexperience, immaturity or even stupidity, and view the crashes as a failure in a system that should be protecting young drivers.