Reusable, Customised, Theatre Cap Suppliers

There is currently a big push towards the use of reusable, cloth theatre caps instead of disposable versions, driven partly by discussions around environmental sustainability, but also because cloth caps are the most effective way to display your name and role to improve communication and teamwork (AKA Theatre Cap Challenge. See video here“).

This website is my attempt to provide a list of retailers were you can purchase personalised cloth hats. It is likely incomplete, and i will review it periodiciallty, but apologies if any of the links no longer work

Customisable Cloth Hats

For some of the sites, the customise option is shown once you select a specific hat.

Theatre Caps:

Hunter Scrubs:

Mum Made Scrub Hats:

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists:



Scrub’d Up:

Tims Hats:

Comfy Caps:

Skrub Hedz:


Etsy have a large range available that changes quite frequently, so rather than trying to list them all,  this link will take you to a Search using “Personalised Scrub Caps”.



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